Herbs for Hard Times: Resources + Next steps

It was such an honor and a joy to be able to delve into this potent, important topic with all of you. It's important to us to keep the conversation and momentum going, both online and in-person! We've compiled a couple of resources and next steps for you... definitely let us know if you have questions or need more information on any of this by posting in PlantWitch Society.

It is a serious thing
just to be alive
on this fresh morning
in this broken world.

~ Mary Oliver

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Here's the replay for those of you who missed us live, or who simply want to catch the details you've missed! We go into motherwort, rose, hawthorn, and more... 

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Class Notes 

Here's our class notes... for those who want an intimate, inside look, or (more likely) the recipes and specific information on the herbs and flower essences we discussed in the class.

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Next steps

If this video touched you or you're interested in possibly taking your studies with herbal plant magic further, we'd love to offer you the opportunity to have a virtual cup of tea with one of us. You can hop on our schedules here.